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שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם

Shalom Aleichem, and welcome to the Hebrew Corner

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Hebrew and Judaic Studies for All Ages

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What is The Hebrew Corner?

computer-kid-picThe Hebrew Corner is an alternative Jewish learning center for children, teens and adults. We are a progressive, inclusive and cost effective Hebrew School servicing everyone from interfaith families to Conservative Jews. Girls and boys participate equally. We believe that Jewish education should be accessible to all families regardless of denomination , background or learning ability.

We feature small classes and individual attention for each student in Hebrew and Judaic studies. Students  (begining in third grade) attend a two-hour class session once per week according to their age group and skill level. For your convenience, classes are scheduled on Sunday mornings, as well as on weekday afternoons, Monday through Thursday. The founders, Cantor Avima Rudavsky Darnov and Rabbi Allen Darnov are always on site, teaching and getting to know your youngster and his or her personal needs. We welcome children of interfaith families.

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Mission: The Hebrew Corner brings the light of Judaism into the hearts and minds of students.

  • An affordable alternative to the traditional synagogue model of Jewish education
  • A modern approach to Jewish education which is open, inclusive and respectful 
  • A comfortable setting for children of interfaith families to explore Judaism without judgement or precondition
  • Scheduling flexibility to meet the needs of today’s busy family
  • Foundational reading and writing skills in the Hebrew language – the language of our people and Torah
  • Guidance into traditional elements of Judaism such as Shabbat, daily prayers, annual holidays, and bar/bat-mitzvah preparation

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Curriculum At The Hebrew Corner

The Hebrew Corner offers a well-rounded curriculum designed to help Jewish youngsters develop and strengthen their Jewish identity and knowledge. Our primary areas of study are Hebrew reading and writing skills, Prayer (Tefillah), Torah, Israel, history and of course, holidays. We infuse all of these areas with a healthy dose of fun, camaraderie, and spirit.

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Prep & Officiation

We prepare our students for Bar and Bat Mitzvah and officiate at a location of your choice. We bring the Torah, Ark, Prayerbooks, Kippot and Tallitot (Prayershawls). Girls and boys both are prepared to read from the Torah and lead the service. Rabbi Allen and Cantor Darnov ensure that your service is a meaningful, spiritual celebration that you will remember for years to come.

Special Events, Holidays & Shabbat

Join us for our community, family friendly High Holiday services, Shabbat dinners (“SHABBAT EXPERIENCE”), Torah study (“Torah, Brownies and Havdallah”), our backyard sukkah parties, Chanukah parties, creative Purim megillah reading,  mini carnival and more. Enjoy homemade latkes, hamantashen and the delicious treats baked in our kitchen throughout the year.

A Typical Day At The Hebrew Corner

Each day at The Hebrew Corner begins with 15 minutes of communal time spent learning a “Hebrew Word of the Week”, singing songs, Shema and Hatikvah (Israel’s national anthem). The next hour is spent in Hebrew classes. The children enjoy a 10 minute snack break followed by a half hour focusing on Torah, holidays, Israel or history.

Ask about discounts for Early Registration and New Families!

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A Peaceful Place for Interfaith Families

We respect that some of our students come from families where Christmas trees sit alongside Chanukah menorahs. Non-Jewish parents and grandparents will celebrate their children’s bar or bat mitzvah along with Jewish parents and grandparents. Some students will have valid questions about the difference between the two religions of their parents. Our role is not to judge or diminish the faith and traditions of the non-Jewish family members. Our role is to educate our students in Jewish religion, history and traditions and to impart a love for Judaism while showing respect for other faiths. We welcome the opportunity to become a part of your child’s Jewish education no matter their background – or yours!

The Hebrew Corner

We are conveniently located in the Green House office building, one block north of the HWY-18 and HWY-78 (Main Street) intersection

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