A Typical Day at The Hebrew Corner

typical-classA typical day at the Hebrew Corner consists of an hour of Hebrew study, followed by a 10 minute snack, about 35 minutes of a Judaica topic such as holidays, Bible, Israel or values, and then finally a 15 minute session of singing.

The Hebrew hour is conducted in a differentiated style. That means that if one were to observe a class, one would see some students drilling lessons or prayers on a computer or personal device, other class members might be paired up and practicing their reading with each other, still others might be working on written exercises, and one or two others might be reading for a teacher or one of our trained tutors. Occasionally routine Hebrew lessons are set aside for exploration of a Hebrew learning game, puzzle or computer. Students are motivated by earning stickers that are redeemed for prizes.

typical-boysSnack time allows students to have a short break and to enjoy socializing with kids from other classes. (Please send nut-free and meatless snacks!).

The Judaica portion of class is usually text based, but enhanced by skits, Youtube, projects, games and the internet. Our third graders study Jewish holidays and then progress to learning about Torah/Bible in grades 4 and 5. Our 6th graders study about Israel and 7th graders deepen their study of the Torah portions of the week.

With the approach of a holiday, we break routine from our Judaica topics and assemble the school for a holiday-related event. We may bake a holiday treat, play “Jewpardy” with questions based in the coming holiday, make a crafts project, or rotate through activity stations.