She-he-che-ya-nu Moments / Cantor Avima Darnov

Sharing a SHE-HE-CHE-YA-NU MOMENT with you!! Several years ago (maybe as many as ten???) we replaced our front door. It was unpainted. Every summer, Rabbi Allen would say… “I will paint the door THIS summer.” The summers came and went.. and the door remained unpainted. Well, this time he did it! YEAH!! That was a […]

Lighting Hanukkah Candles / Rabbi Allen Darnov

1] Hanukkah candles are lit each of the eight evenings of Hanukkah, including Shabbat (Friday evening), at which time they are lit before Shabbat candles. 2]  Like a Hebrew text that reads from the right to left, candles proceed from right to left on the menorah.  The first candle is placed on the menorah’s right […]

Affixing a Mezuzah / Rabbi Allen Darnov

The mitzvah of attaching mezuzot to our doorways derives from the Torah: “You shall write them (my commandments) on the doorposts of your house and on your gates” (Deut. 6:9, 11:20). Here are some guidelines for attaching mezuzot to your doorways: 1] A mezuzah can be affixed to the entrances of a home, and to […]

Picking a Hebrew Name / Rabbi Allen Darnov

There is no law but only custom regarding granting a Hebrew name.  As is well known, Jews descended from Eastern European Jews tend to name children after deceased relatives; Sephardic Jews often name children after living elders.  Both approaches are attempts to foster honor, memory and love. Acquiring a Hebrew name has been a spiritual […]