Bat Mitzvah & Bar Mitzvah at The Hebrew Corner

Becoming a bar or bat mitzvah technically means a youngster has reached the age of obligation to carry out  Jewish mitzvoth (commandments). Truthfully, this is an automatic status attained when a boy reaches his 13th birthday and a girl reaches about 12 years of age. It is an added plus when our youngsters have actually engaged with Judaism – learned about Judaism and internalized their Jewish identity which they do through their years at The Hebrew Corner.

Our well rounded school curriculum is designed not only to help Jewish youngsters develop and strengthen their Jewish identity and knowledge, but to prepare them to become “b’nai mitzvah”. By the time they have reached 6th grade, they have learned to read Hebrew, they have several key prayers and blessings in their repertoire, they have learned the basic narratives of the five books of Torah, and have celebrated the cycle of Jewish holidays several times. There is still a lifetime of learning to accomplish, but it is our true hope that we have planted the seeds of developing their Jewish identities as they continue to mature into adulthood and beyond.

As our students come closer to their bar and bat mitzvah date, we offer several options to meet the needs of the student. Optimally students will continue to learn prayers with their peers and add on private lessons which will focus on learning individual torah portions and speeches.


Rabbi Allen and Cantor Darnov ensure that your service is a meaningful, spiritual celebration that you will remember for years to come. We officiate (preferably on Shabbat) at a location of your choice. The event is scheduled at a venue chosen by you in consultation with us. (We can provide suggestions of venues).  We bring the Torah, Ark, Prayerbooks, Kippot and Tallitot (prayershawls). Your child (yes, both girls and boys) will read Torah and lead most if not all of the prayers and usually deliver a speech.  We lead a very participational and inclusive service. Relatives will be offered honors and readings.

The following is a list of what is included in our service officiation:

  • Officiation by Rabbi Allen and Cantor Darnov
  • Guitar accompaniment
  • Torah scroll
  • Portable Ark
  • Prayerbooks
  • Kippot and tallitot for guests
  • (Yarmulkes and prayershawls)
  • Certificate
  • Family honors



There are many reasons families do not attend to their child’s Jewish education in the earlier years, but still wish their child to be educated and to celebrate becoming a bar or bat mitzvah.

There are also those who have studied at an area synagogue or school, but have decided to make a change.

We do offer individualized programs designed to make the rite of passage of a “Bar or Bat Mitzvah” a meaningful experience for those with little formal background as well as those who do have some background but are choosing The Hebrew Corner for Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation and officiation. Private lessons allow us to customize the experience  of preparation . We currently offer options that include “packages” of hour long private lessons and service officiation.

Private curriculum will include Hebrew reading skills, Torah (bible), holidays, Israel, prayers and blessings, and the preparation of a Torah reading a related speech as well as a discount for a tallit purchased from our shop (The Tallit Corner Judaica shop). All printed materials are included.

Please contact us for details.