Our Hebrew and Prayer Curriculum

We begin each class by teaching a modern Hebrew word or term, singing a few songs, the Shema and Israel’s national anthem. Then, it is off to our Hebrew classes.

As our name implies, teaching children to read and write Hebrew are a primary focus of our school. We devote one full hour of our two hour classes to Hebrew instruction. Our students begin to read and write Hebrew in third grade and are ready to begin their SIDDUR (prayerbook) curriculum during their second year.

We have developed our own SIDDUR (prayerbook) curriculum with three main objectives: 1) Deepen appreciation for the rituals of Jewish prayer 2) Teach the main meanings and themes of the prayers, and thereby deepen the student’s connection to Judaism and to GOD 3) develop proficiency and confidence in reciting and leading prayers not only on the bar or bat mitzvah day – but throughout their lives.

Finally, we try to accomplish all of this in a joyful, fun way so our students enjoy the process!


Our Judaic and Holiday Curriculum

Our Judaic and Holiday curriculum focuses on Torah (bible), history, Israel and holidays.

We teach TORAH (BIBLE) in a way that encourages asking of questions, discussion and integrating Jewish values with everyday life. We want our students to engage with the Torah in a very personal way. When we learn about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah and others of our ancestors we learn how they engaged with GOD and the Jewish community and therefore how we continue to engage with GOD.

We incorporate the learning of Jewish history and major events at every opportunity, whether it is during the teaching of holidays, ISRAEL or other class discussions. The experience of modern Judaism would not be complete without fostering a connection to the land of Israel. We do this throughout the year with singing, YouTube videos, food and developing a constant awareness of role and importance of Israel to the life of all Jews all over the world.


Holiday celebrations are a big highlight of our year.

Our family-friendly High Holiday services are intimate and interactive.  The Sukkah parties at our home sukkah are a favorite Fall event. Home made latkes, candle lighting and songs are highlights of our Chanukah parties. On Tu Bishvat we transform our school into a forest and focus on Israel and the environment. Purim brings… what else? Carnival games, prizes, hamantash baking  and our own, fun, English megillah reading.  Passover is a time to focus on Seder skills and  learning the very important story of the Jewish people. Israel Independence day is celebrated with a variety of Israel related activities and felafel. Shavuoth features our Torah related activities as baking cheese treats. Join us this year as we learn and celebrate each of the holidays!