Our Hebrew Curriculum

writingHebrew Corner students usually take three or more 10 week sessions to complete their basic reading and writing skills. Then they enter our The Hebrew Corner Study Siddur (prayer book) curriculum.

We are very pleased to announce that we have revised and expanded our prayer curriculum. Our “study siddur” and companion lessons consist of three levels (Study Siddur I, II and III), each of which requires about a year to complete. Our Study Siddur teaches blessings, prayers and songs for both the home and synagogue, as well as cantillation for reading the Torah scroll. With this curriculum, our students master the prayers they will be leading on their bar or bat mitzvah day.

bookThe Study Siddur consists of an online textbook that can be accessed through www.TheHebrewCorner.com with a user name and password. Our students will be able to practice their siddur skills at The Hebrew Corner or at home by clicking onto our web site and then clicking “Study Siddur”. Whether they are at The Hebrew Corner or at home or on a trip, students will have the choice of accessing the Study Siddur with computers or other electronic devices. In addition to the electronic Study Siddur textbook, students will receive a binder of (hard copy) written exercises, including http://essayonlinewriter.com studies in concepts and Hebrew language, to supplement their reading and singing practice of the Study Siddur. Multiple hard copies of the Study Siddur will also be on hand at the Hebrew Corner for classroom use.