holidayName a Jewish holiday… we celebrate it together either in class or as a whole community!

Starting with Shabbat, we have Friday evening potluck dinners and celebrations as well as occasional Shabbat morning, afternoon or twilight (Havdalah) events. A few times a year we schedule services geared to our pre-bar/t mitzvah famillies to help you envision your family’s special day. Attendance on Shabbat is not a requirement. We want you to join us by choice.

Our multi-generational Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services are open to the whole community. If you are looking for a liberal, engaging and intimate High Holiday experience, consider our services which are the best kept secret in Monmouth county. You can register as an individual or as a family for both holidays or just one.

Our Hebrew Corner sukkah is open the whole week of Sukkot for parties, waving lulav and etrog, pizza, games, crafts and sports. Each class has its own Chanukkah party on their class day hosted by Hebrew Corner families or at The Hebrew Corner. No frozen latkes for us!! Tu Bishvat is an opportunity to teach about our connection to the land of Israel and the Jewish view of protecting the environment and our love of trees.

Purim is celebrated by reading of the megillah, baking our own hamentashen (an annual highlight), games and fun quizzes. On Passover we might bake our own matzah, prepare charoset and sing highlights of the seder. In honor of Israel Independence Day, we enjoy our FELAFEL WEEK, a week the students look forward to all year. Finally, we are still in session to celebrate Shavuoth and learn about the giving of the 10 commandments and the Torah. All holidays are punctuated by holiday songs, fun Youtube videos and more fun.