Comments from Students & Parents

We wanted to thank you for all of your caring, teaching, support and flexibility along the way. The entire experience was wonderful for our family. So many of our family and friends said very nice things about our service and Adam’s Bar Mitzvah. Your program is special. It enables kids to learn, who otherwise might not have such a Jewish experience.

Dorothy & Bruce

June 2021

My third grader and fifth grader have been greatly enjoying the virtual learning provided by The Hebrew Corner.  Cantor Avima and her staff have adapted to the new at home environment by keeping their students engaged in the academics of the class, while also having fun for a full two hour session. Thank you Cantor Avima for all of your hard work to keep your students learning! 

AP (parent)

May 2020

The Hebrew Corner did an outstanding job with online learning. They didn’t skip a beat! My children continued to receive two hours of quality learning using a fun, entertaining, creative, and fulfilling curriculum.”

KS (parent)

May 2020

We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us.  Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony was perfect!  We loved how you explained everything so our guests understood what was happening.  Thank you for making Andrew’s special day so memorable in a wonderful way.  We think it is great and so important that you welcome interfaith families and give them an opportunity to have the children learn about the Jewish traditions.  We are forever grateful!
Ann & Bert Eichhorn

October 2018

I wanted to thank you both on behalf of my whole family. My wife and relatives from across the country thought you led an amazing Bar Mitzvah service for Devin. The time you spent teaching Devin was clearly seen. We appreciated that you kept it personal to Devin and included him in most of the service. You both conducted a traditional service that included great explanations of the prayers, some humor, fun and music. Cantor Avima’s voice was amazing and Rabbi Allen’s words were poignant. Thank you again.
Melissa & Brett Gottlieb

October 2017

We had a great experience at The Hebrew corner. They accommodated my son’s schedule with sports and made sure he was comfortable with the entire service. His service was run by him, not anyone else. I couldn’t have been happier!
Laurie Glass

The Hebrew Corner is all about the students and their needs. The kids come first. I have never been involved with a more flexible, individualized and genuine educational experience…religious or not. The rabbi, cantor, instructors and tutors take the time to know each child. Because the classes are small, instruction is based on how the child learns…not what HAS to get done that day.
Jennifer Gruber Stein

I would not hesitate to recommend The Hebrew Corner to anyone who is interested in offering their children the opportunity to share in an exciting way to learn about Judaism. The Hebrew Corner offers flexible schedules with small classes which enables students to receive individualized guidance. I especially like the philosophy of The Hebrew Corner which is learning through instruction, technology, music, entertainment, and celebration. Hebrew education at The Hebrew Corner provides those students fortunate enough to be a part of their family to experience Hebrew School as a fun, educational and celebratory experience and not a religious obligation.
Debra Margulies Cohen

If you love your children and want them to learn in a loving and caring environment this school is for you. They care deeply about your children’s education; it’s not a money grab. If anyone has any further questions please feel free to PM me. I can’t say enough about these wonderful people.
Corey Sosner

We wanted to take this time to thank you for everything  for Griffin’s Bar Mitzvah.  We are hearing how everyone loved the service and how well Griffin did.  The service was exactly what we wanted.  It was very comfortable and warm.  It was perfect for Griffin.  Our family loved it and all felt that they were part of the simcha.  Griffin’s experience at The Hebrew Corner was incredible. He never complained about going. We are extremely glad that we selected The Hebrew Corner to be the place for Griffin.
Robyn & Rob Wolfe

Summer 2017

The Hebrew Corner has provided the perfect alternative to traditional large classroom study for my Bat-Mitzvah bound daughter. The personal touch provided with the full curriculum that Cantor Avima has developed truly makes my daughter excited every week for meaningful Hebrew studies.
Michael Glass

Avima Rudavsky Darnov was the tutor for my son, in preparation for Bar Mitzvah in 2008. I chose Avima for this important responsibility based on my perspective of her strengths and style. She has exceeded my expectations. What was and is important to me is that my son’s tutor be prepared and focused on a timeline, educate my son on the history of our faith and people in an interesting and structured manner, teach him how to read Hebrew and be prepared for the Bar Mitzvah ceremony, be fair minded in a secular way about other religions and the distinction between what is written in the Bible and what may be literally accurate and potentially figuratively accurate, and that he become proud of his heritage through knowledge.
Craig Lewis

I would just like to say Cantor Darnov, our experience with you this year was the most joyful of all Alec’s years in Hebrew school.The kids were really interested in learning with you–you are exciting innovative and went out or your way to spend personal time with each of the students. You taught what was necessary and also what the kids were interested in. You are warm, inviting and for the first year ever, when I said to my son, Its time for Hebrew school, there was no complaint!! He picked up his books and we went. Thank you for that. We look forward to continuing studies, and I appreciate you opening up his desire to study. Thank you.
Amy Cohen

Our daughter Shelby was tutored for her Bat Mitzvah by The Hebrew Corner for almost 5 months, and mainly by Rabbi Allen. Shelby was studying for a Sunday morning service, including the reading of a passage from the Torah. The Hebrew Corner provided everything that was needed for the preparation of the service, including a CD and study guides to review during the week, the material that was covered at each lesson. Cantor Avima and Rabbi Allen were always patient, professional and very warm people. They treated Shelby like their own daughter. When it came to the ceremony on May 29, 2011, everything went off without incident. We received nothing but accolades about the service, which included the accompaniment of the guitar, the beautiful voice of the cantor, and the philosophy of the rabbi in speech. We highly recommend The Hebrew Corner for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience.
Jim & Robin Jaffe

A note of thanks from us for all you have done for our son. We are very proud that he has taken such a strong interest in his Hebrew and you both get all the credit!
Debbie & Ira

Thank you for your patience and kindness in preparing me for my bar mitzvah. I learned a lot about myself and my heritage and had fun doing it. I look forward to coming back to The Hebrew Corner to pass on all the valuable things you have taught me.

I was really honored to perform my ceremony in the Holy Land, because this is the place where Jews around the world come to pray and see the true home of our religion I came here to do even more. To become a bar mitzvah. I would especially like to thank Cantor Avima and Rabbi allen for their word with me at The Hebrew Corner I would’ve never been able to achieve it without you! Thank you!

Dear Cantor Avima and Rabbi Allen,

I want to thank you very much for all the time and energy you put into getting me ready for my bar mitzvah, All the hard work I did with you really paid off and I’m so glad I switched to The Hebrew Corner! You guys are the best and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Love, J. D.
March 2013


Excerpt from a student bat mitzvah speech:

I would like to give a huge thank you to Cantor Avima Darnov and Rabbi Allen Darnov. Without them helping me every step of the way I wouldn’t be here. From learning Hebrew to discovering Jewish history, I always have fun at The Hebrew Corner. I couldn’t have asked for any better teachers, mentors or friends. I will miss coming to The Hebrew Corner making memories and having a blast. It was so much fun. Thank you so much for changing my view on how important my religion is. I am proud to be a Jew.

T. I.
Spring 2013


The Hebrew Corner is a very unique and compassionate learning environment.  I am so glad that Jared was fortunate enough to attend your school.  Your impact on his life will always be remembered.

Love, M. V.
Spring 2014

Michael Vogel

Dear Avima and Allen,

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful Bat Mitzvah service you provided for Tessa! You created a very special spiritual atmosphere, and made this experience unforgettable for Tessa and the entire family. It was touching, inspiring, and it brought everyone together. I never would have dreamed about that level of togetherness at any other place….  We loved the service!!!!!

We are grateful for all the help in Tessa’s preparation. We also appreciate all the time and teaching talents that you put into preparing both of our children.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

P.S. I can’t wait when my 3 nephews join the Hebrew Corner school!

Natasha Kravchenko